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About Us

Reah Contemplative Community


Creating Opportunities for Spiritual Growth 

Honoring Sacred Space and Divine Presence 

Do you want to:


  • Grow in self-awareness in relation to your thoughts, emotions, and actions?

  • Experience a greater sense of Inner peace, hope, and forgiveness?

  • Practice compassion and awareness of the sacred within self, others, and creation in the present moment?

  • Develop more intentional holistic spiritual practices?

  • Discern your gifts and call to action in helping to heal and repair our world?


Guiding Principles

As a friend of Reah Contemplative Community, we encourage you to:

  • Intentional holistic spiritual exercises to foster growth, wellness, and transformation

  • Presence, through your commitment to this community and willingness to show up fully

  • Open-hearted hospitality by welcoming and honoring others with respect, loving-kindness, and acceptance

  • Generosity, to self, friends, and strangers. Giving of your money, time, and energy to help this community with the resources needed to reach out to others.

  • Community involvement that seeks to serve others through acts of compassion and justice

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Untitled_Artwork 4.PNG

Over the years, I’ve discovered that relationships have deepened and profound insights have occurred through conversations that have taken place while walking with friends, family members, or alone in prayerful …

Rebecca Hamann


My life has been blessed by people who have been so brave as to reveal their own understandings of the Divine and share their experiences and stories. Having a safe space to talk, discuss, question, and and dream has been a …

Kelly Arrendell

Nancy Sherman 3.19.jpg

My passion is to companion others on their journey for spiritual depth and wholeness in mind, body, and spirit. Throughout life, I have been blessed to hear people share their stories ...

Nancy Sherman Carter


My passion is helping others to create more soul-inspired lives. I’ve had many mentors and confidantes throughout my life and I can’t imagine where I’d be without them. Life is messy! Thankfully, I’ve found that meditation, yoga, and spiritual ...

Deborah Haddock

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