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REAH comes from the Hebrew word for ​friend.  In this space, we understand the relationship between friends as:


  • Companions on the journey 

  • Holding space for one another

  • Supporting through life's unfolding

  • Sharing the joys and celebrations

  • Weeping in the sorrows

  • Uniting in laughter and tears


It is in being vulnerable and authentic that we cultivate these relationships. 


It is our intention that this site will nurture authentic self, deep relationships, and blessed community.

Over the years, I’ve discovered that relationships have deepened and profound insights have occurred through conversations that have taken place while walking with friends, family members, or alone in prayerful …

Rebecca Hamann

My life has been blessed by people who have been so brave as to reveal their own understandings of the Divine and share their experiences and stories. Having a safe space to talk, discuss, question, and and dream has been a …

Kelly Arrendell

I grew up on a farm in southwestern Ohio and a favorite memory from my childhood was to lay in a small “dip” in the ground in our orchard where I watched the trees change. How I loved the quiet and the deep knowing of being …

Lynn Staggs

My passion is to companion others on their journey for spiritual depth and wholeness in mind, body, and spirit. Throughout life, I have been blessed to hear people share their stories ...

Nancy Sherman Carter

My passion is helping others to create more soul-inspired lives. I’ve had many mentors and confidantes throughout my life and I can’t imagine where I’d be without them. Life is messy! Thankfully, I’ve found that meditation, yoga, and spiritual ...

Deborah Haddock

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