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What Inspires Us

What moves us closer to God ~ What causes something to stir inside

Gives us pause ~ Brings a smile or a tear

Moves us toward the incarnational beings we are created to be


I find that walking the labyrinth slowly and prayerfully is a time of experiencing God's presence; reminding me that the Living Presence is with me through all of life's twists and turns.  It is often a time of opening to  new insights and has been very helpful in times of discernment.



I honour the place in you that

Is the same in me.

I honour the place in you where

The whole universe resides.

I honour the place in you

Of love, of light, of peace and of truth

I honor the place in you

that is the same in me.

There is but one


Nancy Sherman 3.19.jpg

Nature, what I think of as God's first Bible, draws me closer to the Divine. On this bicycle rest stop, I notice radiant beauty, movement, and connection in everything. It is helpful for me to take this kind of time. 


I am inspired by mountains and meditation. The mountains remind me that I am small and, knowing that, I can let go of my need for control. When I meditate, I remind myself to sit tall and steady like a mountain.

Meditating in Nature
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