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Over the years, I’ve discovered that relationships have deepened and profound insights have occurred through conversations that have taken place while walking with friends, family members, or alone in prayerful meditation.

These experiences are the inspiration behind the name Reah Ministry. “Reah” is a Hebrew word for a friend or companion. Over the year, my list of companions has expanded beyond anything I ever imagined.  I now recognize that spirituality is what I call the “common denominator” among all people.  When we share our personal experiences of encounters with the Holy, when we look inward to the Divine Light that dwells within each of us, and when we explore the landscape of our soul, we find that while each person has their own unique language and experience, we paradoxically share in the same journey toward union with the Sacred One.
An ordained Deacon in the United Methodist Church, Becky holds a Master of Theological Studies from Bangor Seminary and a certificate for The Art of Spiritual Direction from Stillpoint Center for Christian Spirituality, Ghost Ranch, New Mexico. Experienced in the areas of Spiritual Direction and small group facilitation, Becky has companioned people from various walks of life -- church members, clergy, residents in nursing homes, homeless shelters, and addiction recovery programs. She founded Reah Ministry in 2003 and currently serves as the Executive Director and as an Associate Pastor at Spring Creek UMC, Fair Oaks Ranch, Texas.

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