During these times of uncertainty we offer calming sacred space through Spiritual Direction online.  

See the "About Us" page for our Spiritual Directors.

Providing Opportunities for Intentional

Spiritual Growth and 

Transformation of Self and Society 

Reah Ministry practices Holy Hospitality. It is in this spirit that we welcome you and celebrate the Divine that dwells within you and all that is! We hope this website can be a resting spot, a place of inspiration, a place of sacred community, and a place you may feel at home. 

Exploring  spirituality one step at a time...


Opening ourselves to the Divine. ​

Listening, wondering, asking,

praising, spewing, receiving,

stillness, movement, laughter,


“Creating opportunities for spiritual growth, honoring sacred space and Divine presence .” 

Be Inspired


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Based in San Antonio, TX

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