Lynn Staggs

I grew up on a farm in southwestern Ohio and a favorite memory from my childhood was to lay in a small “dip” in the ground in our orchard where I watched the trees change. How I loved the quiet and the deep knowing of being with the Holy. As a young mother and foster mother, I experience God when I held a sick infant, holding...rocking...breathing.

Today, I am a lifelong listener to our Beloved and have learned how to be comfortable with seasons of abundance and with seasons of suffering; with exploring the mysteries of spiritual revelation, as well as the mysteries of spiritual silence. I still feel most at home outside, on a walk while experiencing nature with all my senses, or sitting under a tree just breathing. Silence and Solitude are the core of my life, even as I live in our world.

I completed my three-year Spiritual Direction training through the Charis program in Houston in 2011. I most love companioning people who have become disoriented on their spiritual journey, either through the changing seasons of life or through life’s unexpected circumstances. I am available to meet in person, by FaceTime or by Zoom.

I am a trained Supervisor of Spiritual Directors and am available to meet one-to-one, in person or online, or to facilitate in small group peer supervision.

I am also a Visual Artist of Sacred Spaces, using fabric, art, and elements of nature to enhance worship spaces, retreats, and spaces for prayer and meditation.

I lead retreats, a day of prayer and meditation, and other experiences with topics such as Healing, Seasons of Transitions, and others.

My husband and I were able to live full time in an RV for almost four years, volunteering in state parks around the country where I witnessed intimately the movements of nature and the ways of our Creator. We now make our home in San Antonio. I am a mother to two daughters and their husbands and a proud “Yia-Yia” to four beautiful grandchildren. I am sometimes an artist, gardener, quilter, and traveler but I am most definitely not a cook!

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